Health and Safety Induction

Section 1

Introduction and Overview

Welcome to the onsite induction for the 2021 Park Proms , taking place at Broadlands Park, Broadlands. Romsey SO51 9ZD

This safety induction will outline the key safety information relevant to working on site including site rules, COVID safety, emergency contact information and personal protective equipment, some of which is Mandatory

At the end of this induction you will be required to confirm you have read, understood and will comply with all the information detailed within the induction. Once you have completed and submitted this section, you will be permitted to work on the Proms in the Park site.

During the construction phase, all contractors are responsible for the safety management of their staff and sub-contractors. In addition, the site activity will also be monitored by the Site Safety Advisor and the Operations & Site Manager.

Key Contacts

The site safety advisors are AFL Associates.

Their contact details are:

Health and Safety Advisor

Steve Beaton:

Mobile +44 (0) 7534 924709


For any safety related concerns, please contact the Site Safety Advisor using the details above, or the Production Manager. His details are:

Operations & Site Manager

Neil Roberts:

Mobile +44(0) 7968 861793


Site Rules

Whilst working on the Proms site, you must adhere to the site rules which are designed to keep you, your staff and other people safe.

The site rules are outlined in the relevant sections below.

Please ensure you read them carefully, understand the rules that are in place and ensure you follow them whilst working onsite.

Section 2

Plant, MEWPS, Vehicles and Trailers

If you intend to operate plant, MEWPS or trailers, you must ensure you are adhering to the site rules.

  • If you are operating plant, you must hold the relevant license and have it with you. A copy must be shown to the Operations & Site Manager or the Site Safety Advisor before any plant can be used.
  • Anyone unloading from vehicles must ensure they wear appropriate PPE including high viz vests and suitable footwear
  • All vehicles entering a loading area, including trailers MUST have a banksman supervising all movements.
  • The speed limit is restricted to 5mph on site (walking speed) if accessing via pedestrian areas. Where warning lights are installed on vehicles (flashing beacons), these must be in operation. DO NOT use your hazard lights whilst moving.
  • Be aware of moving vehicles around the exterior of the building and the loading area.

Section 3

Personal Safety

  • Everyone on site as a minimum MUST wear high visibility vests / clothing, foot protection and head protection for the duration of the project. This applies to all contractors including visitors and clients. Black High Viz vests are not permitted on site.
  • All other PPE must be worn that has been identified in your risk assessment.
  • It is important that you only conduct the work activity that you have been contracted to perform on site.
  • Podium Event Group operates a strict no alcohol or intoxicating drugs policy onsite at all times. Any person found to be intoxicated will be removed from site.
  • The use of mobile phones is prohibited when undertaking safety critical tasks. Always be aware of your surroundings when making and receiving calls / text. Make sure you are in a safe place before using your mobile phone.
  • Watch out for trip hazards, running cables, hanging cables and general equipment during the build / derig periods. Please report any spillages or slip hazards to the Site Manager.
  • Time and space is limited so please follow the site rules and comply with all health and safety information to keep both you and others safe and on schedule.
  • Any construction activity that includes  bench saws (or cutting activity producing dust), suitable extraction arrangements must be in place, with correct PPE including eye protection and correctly fitting face mask. A risk assessment and method statement must be provided to the Operations & Site Manager, with suitable area used for such work. Such activity will need to be authorised.

Working at Height

  • All work at height must be planned and included within your RAMS.
  • Ladders must be suitable for the activity being undertaken and should only be used for short duration tasks.
  • Ladders must be placed on a firm stable surface and must be footed. Ladders should extend to the correct height for the work being undertaken. You must NOT work on the top two rungs of any ladder.
  • Access Towers must be built by competent persons correctly with handrails, toe boards and outriggers installed. Handrails must be the correct height.
  • The Operations & Site Manager MUST be informed if you wish to use any form of harness prior to your work commencing.
  • Harnesses MUST be worn and secured (clipped on) for anyone working on trusses or at height. Your risk assessment must confirm whether you are using fall restraint or fall arrest as part of your working at height safety.
  • Any fall arrest arrangements MUST have a specific and suitable rescue plan in place.
  • DO NOT use flight cases as access equipment.
  • Any live or leading edges must have adequate protection from falls. This should be detailed within your RAMS

    Section 4

    Smoking, Hot Works and Fire

    • Smoking and the use of e-cigarettes is only permitted a minimum of 10m away from any structures or vehicles e.g. cabins, stages, offices, marquees etc. There is plenty of space on-site to accommodate this.
    • Hot works are subject to permits. If you think you will need to conduct works (including, but not limited to; grinding, welding, soldering), then you must contact the Operations & Site Manager to obtain a permit. Relevant firefighting equipment must be available, with an allocated fire watch.
    • In the event of a fire onsite your safety is paramount. Fire Extinguishers are located in specific locations throughout the site and structures. Do not attempt to fight a fire unless it is safe to do so and only if you have the appropriate training.

    Your priority should be:

    • Raise the alarm by operating a call point, or contacting the Operations & Site Manager.
    • Leave the area immediately and report to your manager at the fire muster point

    Muster Point 1 on the Site Plan (grid reference L/18) is the main area to gather if an emergency is called

    Muster Point 2 (grid reference K/19) if Muster Point 1 is not safe for use. Please listen for instructions.

    Please follow the link below to view the site plan

    Section 5

    First Aid

    There is a first aid provision in place for all build / derig and live activities

    Build / derig (construction phases)

    Jon Wilkinson 07972 195403

    Monday 23 August        08:00 – 20:00

    Tuesday 24 August        08:00 – 20:00

    Wednesday 25 August   08:00 – 20:00

    Thursday 26 August      08:00 – 20:00

    Friday 27 August           08:00 – 14:30

    Saturday 28 August       08:00 – 14:30

    Sunday 29 August         08:00 – 20:00

    Monday 30 August        08:00 – 20:00

    Live Days

    Contact Event Control via Radio or on 01794 840147 or Present at the First Aid Tent

    Friday 27 August           14:30 – 23:00

    Saturday 28 August       14:30 – 23:00

    • All accidents, incidents or near misses must be reported to the Site Safety Manager immediately or following treatment.

    Section 6

    Housekeeping and Welfare

    • You MUST maintain good personal hygiene whilst on site.
    • Good housekeeping is to be practised at all times, ensuring all work areas are kept clean and tidy so far as is reasonably practicable and must be tidied up at the end of day with all tools and equipment stored away safe and securely. Please ensure all waste / rubbish is disposed of in the bins provided.
    • Toilets are located within the event site footprint during build, derig and live phases of the event.
    • An area that can be used for seating is located within production village.

    Section 7

    Structures and Rigging

    • All structures and rigging MUST be signed off by a competent person before use
    • All lifting / slinging of trusses and operating of motor controls must only be carried out by competent persons
    • Areas below moving trusses must remain clear at all times

    Section 8

    Emergency Procedures

    In the event of an emergency please contact the Site Manager by the quickest possible means.

    The Operation & Site Manager can be contacted on 07968 861 793

    Only operate the fire extinguishers in your area if you are trained to do so and feel confident. It is more important that you raise the alarm and evacuate the area making the people around you aware of the issue.

    In the event of an evacuation, you will hear the fire alarm activate, or code word broadcast across the PA and radios. On hearing the alarm, you must leave by the nearest exit and report into the assembly point.

    If you notice anything suspicious or out of place within your working area please notify the Operation & Site Manager immediately.

    In the event of an evacuation, please ensure you report to your Head of Department or Manager to make them aware that you are safely at the assembly point / in a place of safety.

    Section 9

    Security Arrangements

    Please recognise that we are all experts in our workplace and we are ideally placed to spot when something is amiss

    In this period of heightened alert, it is vital to remain vigilant, trust our instincts and report any suspicious behaviour to the Operation & Site Manager immediately.

    The event has a 24 hour security presence from the start of the construction phase (build).

    Section 11

    Site Access

    You can only access the Park Proms site after you have confirmed you have completed the induction and read / understood the site rules

    • Entry to site is via Southampton Gate (Gate D) off Southampton Road, A27.  Production vehicles should follow the signs for ‘Artists’.
    • Report into Security who will direct you towards the arena entrance. They will inform event production of your arrival and will meet you at the entrance to the arena.
    • Exiting the site is via Gate E on the attached. A code will be needed to operate the electric gates, please ask your on-site contact for the code.


    Site Plan Grid Reference K/17 & 18 (please use link previously shown for the site plan)

    • Be aware of moving vehicles around the site and the loading areas.
    • Please do not remove any barriers or hazard tape unless authorised by the Operations & Site Manager or Site Safety Advisor. If you need to barrier / cordon off your specific area of working, please advise the Operations & Site Manager and those working around you that are not involved with your work activity. You should also include this in your site specific RAMS. Segregation can be in the form of barriers, or similar.
    • Crew should follow instructions on where to park their vehicles for unloading or loading as outlined above. Please do not abandon your vehicles without checking first with the Operations & Site Manager.

    Now that you have read the induction

    Please follow the link below to confirm you have read and understood the information provided to you in this site induction.

    You will not be permitted to start work, unless you have completed the questions and signed this section

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